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About Us


Kajal, a full-time influencer who has amassed over 120,000 followers on Instagram (@Kajal_Som) and over 23,000 YouTube subscribers. Has put her social media knowledge into this initiative by representing the influencer industry. With a vast insight into the social media world, she has an endless amount of information and strategy that can be applied to create the most impact. She represents the Influencers to work with companies respectably.


Sindhu, the entrepreneur of the partnership, has worked on her agency outside of Gaia Initiative. The agency provides a one-stop-shop of services for every business trying to start, grow or expand ( Working one-on-one with businesses of various sizes gives her a rare insight into the structure of businesses and how to help them gain the most with minimal finances. She represents the brands and the strategy needed to succeed.

Our purpose is to build trust between influencers and businesses and enable mutual growth.

Influencer Marketing is still relatively new in many parts of the world. Most businesses don’t recognize it as a real tool, and some of the ones that do undermine its capacity. We help influencers and businesses understand the potential and mediate in creating fair terms and manage these relationships. It’s crucial to implement influencer marketing into your business and understand its value to create a long-term relationship and trust. That is why Kajal and Ila have teamed up. 

Kajal is a charming and intelligent influencer who has amassed a following that trusts and respects her. Ila is neck-deep in the business world and has been running her own company on the side. They have decided to merge their expertise, experience and vision to launch this company. Can’t wait to hear from you! We hope you join us and let us help you reach your goals.